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Photography Website Templates

Photography Website Templates

Highlight your Creative Eye

  • Make use of multiple design elements
  • Blog about your experiences
  • Showcase your creations in various image galleries
  • Incorporate apps to highlight certain aspects of your business, like social share buttons or an app which allows you to upload pics from your iPhone directly to your website
  • Easily add striking graphics and text to your photos

Web templates are naturally optimised for all devices, meaning your followers can view your site responsively, anywhere and at any time.

If you’ve decided to shape your career around capturing moments in time, you may want to explore improving your craft and taking it online. With Wix you can capture, develop and explore your imagination to highlight your professional skill.

In the competitive environment of professional photography it is important to make your web design as unique as you. A constantly shifting technological landscape means that photographers need to bring out the best in their work to keep up with ever changing demands of online users.

The gallery options are perfect for every creative photographer’s website and allow you to display your choice of high quality and high impact imagery so you can immediately make an impression.

Photography Website Template

Close Up Photography Website Template

The web is an incredibly visual medium and what better way to show off your skills than by creating your own website, right? With Wix you’ve got yourself a simple and free-to-use website template. It allows you to create a unique space for your art, especially if you’re into Photography. Spruce up your full-image home page with your favourite snapshot and give it all the attention it could possibly need.
Photography Website Template

Studio Photography Website Template

Get ready to show off your creative projects online with a free website template. Its simple drop and drag functionality makes it a real pleasure to play around with and figure out what you wish it to display. Multiple image galleries allow you to go all out with your art, plus you get to choose from tons of useful apps and tools to make your photography site uniquely yours.
Photography Website Template

Food Photography Website Template

Bring beautiful food creations to life when you let your photos do the talking. Take the leap online with a minimal and sophisticated online presence. Multiple image galleries allow you to show your highest quality imagery and a personalised about page tells potential clients everything there is to know about you. Shine the light on what you do best and invite others to experience it with you. Start tickling some taste buds today with a free photography website template.
Photography Web Template

Wedding Photography Website Template

If you like taking pictures of people on their special day, then this creative online space is ideal for you. Using a free photography website template you too can customise yourself a brand new website. Add amazing content to keep your followers on their toes and personalise your image galleries to show off your unique style. Say it best with a beautiful site.
Free Photography Website Template

Modern Photography Website Template

If you are professionally creative, this free photography web template might just tickle your artistic fancy. Create a state-of-the-art website using a free html website builder called Wix. Decorate your gallery with memorable content, like text and imagery. Play around with apps from the App Market and see what other tools you can use to make your online business vision a reality. Get your art on today!

Free Photography Web Template

Online Photography Website Template

Spark your online presence with a creative website. A photography website template from Wix offers you the opportunity to kick-start your business for free online. Specially select your most attractive imagery and text to enrich your already sleek looking web pages. Further image galleries offer a great space to unpack all of your best designs.
Free Photography Website Template

Baby Photography Photo Studio Web Template

Whether you’re a Children’s Photographer, Maternity or Baby Photographer, if your passion revolves around snapping intimate smiles and beautiful expressions of children, you’ve come to the right place. Kick-start your business online with a free photography web template, bring out your range of portraits including images of newborns, babies and toddlers, as well as mum’s to be. Now you can easily connect with potential clients all while displaying your unique style.
Photography Website Templates

Wedding Videographer Website Template

Engage potential clients with your unique wedding videos. A vintage theme gives your site that everlasting feel, something you can work wonders with in regard to your business look. Try out the many image galleries and put your best videos up front for the world to reminisce over. Did we mention this photography website template is free for you to adjust as you please? Be there when the couple says yes and capture all before and after moments in a professional online web presence.
Free Photography Website Template

Food Photographer Website Template

A clean layout is the ideal setting for showing off fresh and mouth-watering food photography. Display your best images on a free pre-built website template and invite people to check out your one-of-a-kind creations. A split-image background gives it a sophisticated edge and allows you to play around with colours, fonts, layouts and the likes. Add appealing text to invite potential leads and really show off your talent online.
Free Photography Website Template

Classic Engagement Website Template

If you’re wondering how to best portray the news of your engagement, why not create your very own wedding website? Add your engagement pictures and add personality to your website with a unique registry. Guests can RSVP to your event and even comment on your various wedding announcements. This free photography web template is ideal if you’re into the clean and minimalist look, which is always a classic.
Free Photography Website Template

Photographer Website Template

Bring out that special something in your photographs by making an attention grabbing website. This free photography website template offers a relatively plain yet bold background, which is perfect for placing your creative projects in the spotlight. Add your personal flavour with amazing enhancement to your site from the Wix App Market. Give users a taste of your creative genius.

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Free Photography Website Templates