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Photography Studio Website Template

Display your works of art online and make it accessible to future clients. This free web template is ideal for artists and shutterbugs, plus you don’t have to know a drop of code to make your distinct design composition a reality. A spacious home page provides strong visual appeal, which allows for the striking display of your artistry. Simply customise your unique look using the design menu. Create your unique website at the drop of a hat and never look back.

Free Website Template

Interior Design Website Template

Create a foundation for your designs with this free Wix web template. If your business concerns itself with eye catching design, then this minimalistic layout is ideal. It’s especially convenient for specialist designers and artists wishing to convey their skills. Plus this site’s infinite scrolling feature gives your promoted designs some much needed visual breathing space. Create an online presence which resonates with your business.

Free Website Template

Apartment Website Template

This web template is perfect for businesses wishing to accommodate people, like Motels, Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and otherworldly places on earth. You can now create an online presence for your accommodation service, without having any prior knowledge of html5, the code that styles your website. Wix makes it easy with its simple drop and drag functionality. This is a convenient website builder which allows anyone to create a distinct and effective online presence in a flash.

Free Website Template

Art Director Website Template

You don’t have to hire anyone to make your online business presence a reality. Why not do it yourself, right this very instant? If your job is to be creative you’ve already hit the jackpot, but then you still need to find the ideal way to display your skills. Wix is a website builder which is flexible and easy-to-use. For people who make it their business to show off fun, beautiful stuff you want to grab through a screen, then Wix will work for you. This free web template provides a modern web design which is perfect to display high resolution imagery and creative content. The web is constantly evolving and so is your business. Style your unique website today!

Free Web Template

Tennis Instructor Website Template

There is no moment quite as rewarding than winning a game of tennis, similarly is seeing your business presence online for the very first time. Keep score of your business dealings with a fully customizable Wix website template. With this website builder you need no prior knowledge of code to create an unforgettable site. Enhance you business presence with your choice of apps; like specialised contact forms, maps and much more. It’s free, so go ahead and make it count!

Blank Website Templates

Blank Website Template

Having a blank canvas to start creating from may be nerve-wracking but the outcome is always fulfilling. Today you can build your very own website from nothing without having any grasp on html5. Your site is already optimised to be viewed on any mobile screen; all you need to do is choose which elements you wish to highlight over others. Browse some of the latest technologies and products in the Wix App Market to give your site that special something-something. Be prepared to kick-start your online presence today with a custom blank website template from Wix.

Free Website Templates

Fitness Trainer Website Template

As a professional trainer, you already know what it’s like to push your abilities to the limit. Now you can do the same for your online web presence. Entrepreneurs are taking their business online with workout videos, fitness blogs and so forth. You don’t need any coding experience to create a professional looking website to inspire your followers. With the Wix website builder you work smarter, not harder. Get your online presence in shape today with a free website template!

Free Website Templates

Consultant Website Template

If your business is giving people advice, then planning is a part of your job. This free web template allows you to really display your advice-giving skills in a neat and professional manner. The site is concise and compact, so use high quality imagery to really grab people’s attention. Intrigue users with enjoyable articles and a taste of your life transforming services. Take your pick from hundreds of useful apps (like maps, social feeds and more). Get down to business today!

Cory and Silvia’s template to website story

“We used Wix to set up our restaurant’s website despite having no previous experience in web design.”

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